Our corporate motto ‘smarter solutions’ or more precisely rendering smarter solutions is visible in everything what we do, be it manufacturing different products, executing projects or delivering services. Smarter solution is not only about enhanced engineering for larger output and minimum human effort but also about cost effective solutions. Many machines made by several manufacturers may need a complete overhaul sometimes to meet the changed requirements for the changed circumstances or changed preferences. Refurbishing the existing machine may prove very lucrative solution instead of procuring a brand new machine as now-a-days more and more plant owners, strategy managers or other resource managers prefer refurbishment.

We are one of the veterans in refurbishing of variety of machines among the gamut of industries that may include paint, ink, cosmetics, dairy, food or beverages, pharmaceutical etc. Our refurbished machines are revered by our clients as they render unmatched performance better than the original machine.

Some of the machines that we refurbish are:

  • Agitators
  • Chemical reactors
  • Pressure vessels
  • All kinds of dispersers
  • Sigma kneaders
  • Ribbon blenders
  • Ball mills
  • Bead mills
  • Attritors
  • Basket mills
  • Any special purpose machine

In addition to refurbishment of individual machines, we also offer refurbishment of entire process where we redesign, engineer, procure and execute the entire set of machines and related accessories. We provide warranty for the works that we execute and give unmatched post-execution services too.

Complete overhaul of machine or major refurbishment of machine or set of machines requires a holistic approach that comprises:

Machines requires a holistic approach that comprises:

  • Understanding the design and specifications,
  • Disassembling the machine,
  • Measuring actual dimensions,
  • Redesigning and reengineering aiming at improvement of overall performance, long durability and achieving target preference requirements
  • Procurement and replacement of some parts and components
  • Entire engineering or machining of required parts and components
  • Assembling
  • Painting and finishing
  • Rigorous tests and trials at our factory