At Renders India, we constantly strive in building a sustainable future. We continuously try to improve the long-term approach in our activities and ensure a responsible and positive contribution for all our stakeholders and the environment they live in. For us sustainability means integrating business with environment and contributing the well being of the people and the nation where we operate.

Renders believes that its leadership is more about fulfilling its social responsibility in the larger sense of the word. Social responsibility is not about supporting a few visible causes but having an overall sustainable growth and development of the society. In line with this philosophy, Renders India from time to time conduct initiatives in various areas like, education, health and hygiene, community-based programs, empowerment and a number of other socio-economic and cultural activities.

In improving the well-being of the community and contributing to the socio-economic development, Renders India is focused in making the earth a better place to live. We are an active player in nation building.

Our sustainability strategy is to mitigate risks, minimize environmental impacts and maximize corporate contribution towards positive change. We focus our three key stakeholders, our employees, our customers and our planet. Towards environment, Our aim is to save energy, water and other resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. This means improving the performance of our own operations, but also helping customers do the same. Our every design to manufacture products or executing projects are aimed in consuming less energy, zero effect on environment. Our smartly designed products include monitoring devices for power consumption and other such tools to lessen the burden of environment.

Whatever we do, we intend to render smarter solutions. The word smarter has very subtle meaning. By the word ‘smarter’, we mean high in productivity, low energy consumption, safe to use, zero damage to environment. Smarter is not only about our machines, smarter is the way of our working to make the earth smarter.