Renders India has a long standing experience in manufacturing superior quality, efficient and high performance Resin Plants. With perfect application of engineering standards and procedures and implementing intuitive project management ideas we manufacture, supply and install Resin Plants, in many instances as ‘turnkey project’. Our plants in India and abroad has garnered immense respect for their durability, simplicity, cost effective, quality and performance.Resins are transparent and viscous type of materials which are commonly used for production of paints and coatings. Resins are used for binding the pigment particles to the substrate, forming a layer of film on the surface. The durability of the paint depends upon the quality of the resin used in production of paints and coatings. Depending upon the functional properties of paint, we are using the resins with different composition.Our comprehensive engineering service to the resin plants include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Existing facility enhancements or expansions
  • Turnkey projects


Briefly to describe, an alkyd is polyester modified by the addition of fatty acids and other components. The presence of the fatty acid brings about a tendency to form flexible coating. Alkyds are used in paints and in molds for casting. High quality high performance alkyds are produced in the fatty acid process where the composition of the resulting resin can be more precisely controlled. Alkyd coatings are produced in two processes; fatty acid process and the Alcoholysis or Glyceride process. We offer our clients a wide range of Alkyd Resin Plants. Our long and rich legacy in manufacturing resin plants and other associated products enable us to go to the every detailing of the project and process. Eventually the process results in perfection. Our constant endeavors to offer our clients with best products and have been appreciated by our clients and helped us in building a positive brand image.

Raw Materials are used:

  • Pthalic anhydride
  • Penta
  • Oil / DCO (dehydrated cast oil; sunflower or soya oil)
  • Rosin
  • Litherage / lithium hydroxide
  • Turpentine
alkyd resin plant


These Plants are made from high quality raw material such as SS 304 /SS 316L (custom-made) and used in Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and other Industries. We can supply acrylic resin plants in various configurations for manufacturing acrylic emulsion with different formulations. The production of acrylic emulsion varies greatly from product to product in these resin manufacturing plants. Our advanced resin manufacturing plants includes solvent based resin plants that can be used for production of paints, coatings, stains, and surface treating products. Optional facility for color separation is also available to meet the specific requirements of the customers.

Different types of emulsions used in paints are pure and styrene acrylic emulsions. These emulsions are economical and are easily available. Emulsion based paints are free of solvents and are fast replacing solvent based paints due to its functionality and environmental friendly properties. The processes involved in the formation of acrylic emulsion resin are complex and vary extensively. The production of low molecular weight dispersant product generates significant quantities of wastes.

Different types of acrylic formulations are produced in Acrylic Resin Plants set up by Renders India. The steps involved in acrylic emulsion production vary significantly from product to product. Steps involved in the production of acrylic emulsion are listed below.

Acrylic resin plant 3


Emulsion Resin Plant offered by Renders India are used for getting end product Emulsion that comprises solvent free binders finding application in preparation of paints as well as coatings. Manufactured through polymerization process where monomers are dispersed in aqueous phase for getting uniform and stable emulsion, these paints as well as coatings which are based on emulsion systems deliver quality performance and are also environment friendly.

The polymer emulsions are manufactured by the radical polymerization of unsaturated monomers in aqueous medium. They are applied as binders for paints and plasters, as adhesives for wood, paper and packing materials and as binders and laminating materials for textile, paper and leather processing. Compared to polymerization in solution the emulsion polymerization process displays the advantages of processing without organic solvents, shorter batch times and constant product viscosities regardless of the rate of polymerization. Emulsions consist of two phases and have a more complicated structure than the solution polymers.


  • High performance and latest technology based Emulsion Resin Plants.
  • Emulsions processed comprise solvent free binders that find usage in preparation of paints as well as coatings.
  • Emulsions manufactured through polymerization process.
  • Paints and coatings are superior in performance and environment friendly.
  • Emulsions having excellent binding properties.


  • High molecular weight polymers can be made at fast polymerization rates. By contrast, in bulk and solution free radical polymerization rate.


  • The continuous water phase is an excellent conductor of heat, enabling fast polymerization rates without loss of temperature control.
  • Since polymer molecules are contained within the particles, the viscosity of the reaction medium remains close to that of water and are not dependent on molecular weight.
  • The final product can be used as is and does not generally need to be altered or processed.
emulsion resin plants


To briefly describe polyester resins are unsaturated resins formed by the reaction of dibasic organic acids and polyhydric alcohols. They are mostly used in kitchens, restrooms, restaurants, hotels and other areas that usually require washable low-maintenance walls. Renders India offers a wide range of Polyester Resin Plants. Our products are efficient, durable, superior quality and cost effective .. Polyester resins are used in sheet molding compound, bulk molding compound and the toner of laser printers. Wall panels fabricated from polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass.

polyster resin plants2


Renders India offers wide range products like the Epoxy Resin Plants. Epoxy or polyepoxide is a thermosetting polymer formed from reaction of an epoxide resin with polyamine hardener. Epoxy has a wide range of applications, including fiber-reinforced plastic materials and general purpose adhesives.

Epoxy Resins are thermosetting viseious liquids or brittle solids of which most widely used are those delivered from the condansation reaction between epichlorohydrin and bisphenol. However other polyots such as aliphatic glycols and novolac resins can be used in place of bisphenol.


Renders India offer high quality chlorinated silicone resin plants. Silicone resins are a type of silicone material which is formed by branched, cage-like oligosiloxanes. These groups are further condensed in many applications, to give highly crosslinked, insoluble polysiloxane networks. Our excellence oriented team offers Chlorinated & Silicone Resin Plant.


  • Available in wide range of batch capacities to suit the process and your requirement.
  • A dedicated team well versed with product manufacturing, process knowledge, troubleshooting, project management.
  • The plants comprise set of several machineries and other components. Renders India possess all required facilities to carry on the entire works in one roof.
  • Entire machines, operation area are safe, as we offer every product in explosion proof options.
  • Smart features include speed controller, temperature and pressure monitoring devices, SCADA based operation, programmable logic controller (PLC),HMI control panel, touch panels, limit switches, sensors, auto-valves and several other highly advanced features.
  • Superior materials, components used to construct our resin plants impart maximum durability with sturdy and robust characteristics.
  • Our aim of ‘guaranteed satisfaction’ is achieved by fully customized design and features according to the customers’ need.
  • Our machines and processes are safe, easy and convenient in operation without any hassles.
  • We design and manufacture our machines with latest industry standards and comply with international standards of engineering.
  • Budget oriented.
  • Short manufacturing and hand over time.